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You're lost. It's my fault.

Since evolving into The HiPop Project, IntuitionKitchenProductions.com has gone through some changes. Please forgive any confusion. My intention is the opposite. The new site layout has the #1 sole purpose of providing substantially more information and explanation about my art work. You may have arrived here searching for one of my more popular projects. You may have arrived here as a result of me re-organizing my content. Nearly all of the original IntuitionKitchenProductions.com content remains, just moved around amidst The HiPop Project. Below are links to my more visited works and the complete site map of The HiPop Project.

The Art Army (artist action figures)
Cardboard Shoes (now known as 'Corrugated Kix')
Empire Peaks (Star Wars mash-ups)
The former 'Gallery' is now Fapa (Fine Art Portfolio Archive)
Custom figures and wedding cake toppers
Buy Stuff in DeStore (Design Store)

Site Map

Fine Art
Fine Art - Fapa (Fine Art Portfolio Archive - Not for Sale)
ArtArmy EmpirePeak CorrugatedKix ArtCards DryYourEyes HipHopjects
VitaVera PennyPlaces Topjects Poptraits Performinstallations StudioFloor Collabs

Fine Art - Faci (Fine Art Catalogue Inventory - For Sale)
Fine Art - Faod (Fine Art On Demand - For Hire)

Design - DeStore (Design Store - For Sale <$100ea.)
Design - D'Archive (Design Archive - Not for Sale)
Design - Deets (Design Terms - For Hire)
Design - DeStudio (Design Studio Projects)

Info - ReMike (Contact, CV and Statements)
Info - The Haps (Shows, News and Events)
Info - Leavitt Log (Links and Personal Blog)